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Meet The F Place Characters


Brianna Grimaldi

AVP, Chief Commercial Officer

Goes above & beyond.

Has a warm personality and a growth mindset.

Michael Vitali

President & CEO

With an Ivy League education, he always wants to be in control. Cool and collected, and loves to sip on whiskey and cognac.


Tom Peterson

Chief Operating Officer

Charismatic, charming and flirtatious.

Michael Vitali's right-hand man.

Frita Fernandez

Chief People Officer

Power-hungry, controlling, and intimidating.

Self-centered and condescending, she loves to stir up drama.

Frita Fernandez.png
Torsten Schmidt.png

Torsten Schmidt

Chief Medical Officer

Annoying, and a little odd.

Has too much access to the pharmaceuticals...

Isaac Davis

Chief Information Officer

Techie, Silicon Valley prodigy.

Always on his phone.

Isaac Davis.png
Karen goldmna.png

Karen Goldman

Chief Financial Officer

Friendly on the surface, and tries to play by the rules. Until money is involved.

Kathleen Kane

Chief Legal Officer

Harvard Grad. The boss' personal attorney.

Ultimate spin master.


Shanice Brown

Chief Diversity Officer

Experienced yet youthful.

Likes to wear bright dresses and fights for inclusiveness.

Edward Ferris

Chief Products Officer

Aloof, used as a pawn, and Michael Vitali's longtime protege.

Edward .png
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